“Dishes in motion”

The scene is familiar and is repeated daily at restaurants across America: a couple walks into an eatery and are told they have a twenty minute wait. The woman instinctively grabs a menu and starts to peruse over it to pass the time. The man sees food being delivered to a nearby table and cranes his neck to catch a glimpse of a particularly appealing dish, but doesn’t ask its name for fear of being rude. The time restaurant-goers waste each day, each year, is nearly immeasurable and until now has been just that: a waste.

Motion Menus capitalizes on this downtime and in the end provides for an overall better dining experience, both for the restaurant and the patron. Motion Menus allows your dishes to come to life by featuring them in high definition video, on flat screen monitors mounted in waiting areas and or the bar. Diners are now able to view what a restaurant serves before ever sitting down, and in the process whetting their appetites for the coming meal. The specials of the night, food and drink, appetizers and desserts can be advertised before a restaurant-goer ever takes their seat, allowing for a more efficient dining experience. “Yeah, I think we will have an appetizer. How about those pot stickers I saw on the screen over there? I know what I'm having for dessert.”

Motion Menus operate in much the same way as when a waiter rolls out the dessert tray. It’s immediately directed to the target audience and practically irresistible. We’re visual animals and respond to such stimuli whether we’re aware of it or not.

The best part about Motion Menus is the no-hassle aspect. They can be mounted on to the wall or the hostesses stand, and hence come across as unobtrusive in appearance. The flat screens merely broadcast the coming attractions in high definition and effortlessly blend into the restaurant’s décor. All that is needed is a high-speed internet connection to piggyback on. The maintenance concerning updates to the menu is nominal and can be accomplished just by calling into our offices and telling us what the new drink or food specials are. We modify the features accordingly through the ethernet, and the menus stay current.

Motion Menus does not aim to replace the servers or maitre d’s. The Menus’ addition to your restaurant simply provides an extra tool to help customers decide what to eat, and in the end, makes for a more effective dining experience. A diner may not cognitively recognize this, but may be left with a satisfying feeling that the meal was a successful one, and one they would like to repeat again and again…

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