We're a passionate group of Multimedia Authoring professionals who pride ourselves in helping your CD or DVD project realize its potential. We apply our specialized training in creative Multimedia Development and DVD Authoring to each project, providing you with personalized attention and expert DVD Menu Design, Video Post Production, Color Correction and creative services. Taking your raw materials and joining them together into a fully functioning and visually stimulating final product is where we excel.

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that we provide DVD Authoring Services, including DVD and CD-ROM Encoding, DVD Menu Design, closed captioning, motion menus, and more. Shame on us for keeping it quiet. After all, we have a whole department that's been making our customers' DVDs look and perform like studio releases for several years now. And now we make it more affordable than ever to get professional authoring for your DVD or CD-ROM, and we also make it easier to customize your release, by adding options like closed captioning, motion menus, and more. Even if you are still filming or assembling video footage, it's not too early to call us to discuss your CD or DVD project and learn how the Authoring House at The Video Designs Studio can help you realize your vision.

As technology and software advances, especially in DVD Authoring and Multimedia Production, new challenges arise on a daily basis, making it nearly impossible for you to keep up. But don't worry. Here at The Video Design Studio we accept the challenge of mastering these multimedia developments, and we apply our expertise to every project that we work on. This enables us to provide you with DVDs and CD-ROMs that meet or exceed international standards for compatibility. Through DVD Encoding we can also assist you in ensuring maximum DVD playability, in addition to offering safeguards against piracy with specialized services like copy protection.

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